State of California will no longer fully fund U-Building project

The progress to get work done on the Armen Sarafian Hall (also known as the U building) has been dealt a number of blows in recent weeks. The full support of the project from the government has been derailed, and the school is hoping that the state will change its mind before the May Revise when the governor’s proposed budget from January gets an update before it is signed into law by the end of June.

Conflicts of interest inhibit transparency in grand jury cases

If a grand jury can “indict a ham sandwich,” why is it so rare in cases concerning police using deadly force that the grand jury believes there is “probable cause” to bring an officer to trial for a crime? The Washington Post reported that “only 11 of the 65 officers charged in fatal shootings over the past decade were convicted.” As reported by the New York Times and as surprise to many, a grand jury in Georgia indicted Officer Robert Olsen of the DeKalb County Police …