This year is the most active hurricane season on record and we as a nation could be responding better to the severe weather and its effects. As Tropical Storm Oscar forms in the Atlantic Ocean, we need to look at our past efforts to determine what the U.S. can do to help its citizens and what citizens can do to keep themselves from becoming hurricane victims.

According to The Weather Channel, the heavy rains associated with a tropical weather system are responsible not only for major flooding in areas where the storm initially strikes, but also can affect areas hundreds of miles from where the storm originally made landfall. It is important that we as citizens recognize the strength and range of storm systems, so we can properly assess preventative measures for the safety of our families.

Obeying state and government officials, especially during times of mandatory evacuation, is of utmost importance. With many people evacuating their homes for Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina and for Hurricane Michael in Florida, there are still some who refuse to obey the evacuation orders of the government. Though some residents maintain that the warnings of danger are exaggerated, in order to prevent human casualties, determinations are made as to which areas should be evacuated based upon up-to-date weather reports. Those who say they can handle the storm and hunker down need to recognize the severity of the situation. Homes may suffer damage but lives will be spared.

Both before and after any possible catastrophe, the President should be addressing everything directly by speaking to the nation. Donald Trump must step up immediately and deal with the problems caused by hurricanes worldwide. As the leader of our country, it is the President’s job to truly care for and comfort the people in times of emergency, providing information about protection methods to those facing upcoming severe weather, as well as giving support and aid to those affected by it. Local hurricane relief is important and support from the US government enables local efforts to flourish.

In order for victims to get the help that they need, relief services are very important. Organizations such as The American Red Cross, Unicef, and The Salvation Army provide many resources in times of emergency, and the support received by the public, especially in the wake of a tragedy, makes a big difference in the amount of help they are able to provide. Clean water, shelters and blood donations are just a few of the services provided by relief programs. In order to operate, these groups rely on the generosity of US citizens; donations including time, money and blood.

We must remain vigilant, adapt and work together to provide adequate support so we can save lives.

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