Police Blotter: Lost and found robot and wanted transient

Share: Monday, May 7 A subject was feeling like a threat to themselves and was escorted to Psychological Services for assistance. Staff requested a student be advised to stop giving said staff member gifts. A subject’s vehicle was reportedly hit in Lot 5. Facilities reported finding an item resembling a robot. Tuesday, May 8 Two hit and runs occurred in Lot 5. A disgruntled student in the Piazza was escorted off campus. A verbal altercation occurred between a male and a female in Lot 1. …

The problem is bigger than Apu

Share: A myriad of tactics have been used to perpetuate the war on drugs and the mass incarceration of black and brown men, from FDR’s anti-marijuana campaign to Clinton’s three strikes law. One of the chief reasons for the legislative success of throwing men of color in prisons was propaganda and it presented itself in various forms. Follow:

After mass shootings, students ‘insecure’ about campus safety

Share: In a culture obsessed with violence, from video games to movies, the sound of gunshots are dishearteningly familiar to both children and adults. The normalization of gun violence and mass shootings perpetuate this cultural marker that is very specific to the United States. Every time one of these tragedies happen, the last one as recently as this week in a small Northern California town, an echo of thoughts and prayers cloud the conversation, making gun reform virtually impossible to even conceptually be discussed. Follow:

Taylor Swift and the case of the failed concept album

Share: As far as concept albums go, Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is the textbook definition. The thematic arc from “Pray You Catch Me” to “Formation” is abundantly clear and climactic. The journey Beyonce goes through is one of redemption, forgiveness and newfound strength. When she sings “I found the truth beneath your lies” in “Pray You Catch Me,” you know that lies she’s referring to are the secrets she was smelling in “Hold Up.” Follow:

Thanksgiving dismisses persistent culture of white violence

Share: White people in America have convinced themselves that overt racism is the only kind that affects people of color. They’ve taught themselves to dismiss the culture of white supremacy that exists below the surface of racial slurs and Nazi chants. Their version of history depicts the violence of their ancestors as heroic and righteous, with monikers like “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” In 1972 when Angela Davis was interviewed while she was in prison, she was asked if she thought that violence …

Police Blotter: Stolen credit card used to purchase Chik-Fil-A

Share: Monday, October 23 A staff member reported a student who was issued a stay away order in 2009 returned to visit her at R417. An officer escorted a student to DSPS after facilities advised that a male student was laying on the ground outside IT-212 hitting himself on the head with his hand. The student was picked up by his mother. An International student requested information on how to file a restraining order after being stalked and harassed on social media by a suicidal …