After two consecutive SCC Crossover wins, the Lancers suffered a 0-3 loss at last Friday’s game against Cerritos College.

As the game started, it was clear that because of Cerritos’ strong offensive line up, the Lancers would spend most of the game playing defense. With only 4 shots at goal in the entire first half, the Lancers had a hard time retaining possession of the ball and switching the field.

“They’re just a really good team. They’re nationally ranked, state ranked and we knew we were going to be playing a lot of defense today and the girls worked hard,” said head coach Reggie Rivas.

Midfielder Brianna Aguilar stood out as the Lancers’ backbone during the game. Although she only made one shot at the goal, she was stepping to girls faster than anyone on the team and made it harder for Cerritos to score, especially in the first half.

The second half did not offer much hope for the Lancers. After the first goal by Cerritos in the 70th minute, the Lancers sunk further into a defensive slum. As they failed to mark Cerritos’ strongest players a second goal was made within ten minutes.

While the Lancers had a hard time recovering in the second half, Cerritos capitalized on the corners to score two more goals, which was especially tough for the Lancer’s defenders.

“They didn’t score, we gave them those goals. Two of them were fouls and the other we were just watching the ball. We gave them three goals,” said Rivas during the post-game huddle.

The game was also inundated with tension between Coach Rivas and the referees, who seemed to foul PCC more than Cerritos.

“You can’t foul one team for the same thing you don’t foul the other team for. Be consistent,” said Rivas from the sidelines.

As the Lancers head back into Conference games next week they’re going to have to focus on retaining possession and switching fields successfully.

On Tuesday the Lancers play Cheffey, who broke their winning streak in their first conference game.

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