Monday, May 7

A subject was feeling like a threat to themselves and was escorted to Psychological Services for assistance.

Staff requested a student be advised to stop giving said staff member gifts.

A subject’s vehicle was reportedly hit in Lot 5.

Facilities reported finding an item resembling a robot.

Tuesday, May 8

Two hit and runs occurred in Lot 5.

A disgruntled student in the Piazza was escorted off campus.

A verbal altercation occurred between a male and a female in Lot 1.

Wednesday, May 9

A female transient that was showering in the GM building women’s locker room was escorted off campus.

Officers counseled and released a male subject yelling at a female at the Mirror Pools.

Thursday, May 10

A female refused to be taken to the hospital after she was reportedly having trouble breathing.

Friday, May 11

Paramedics were on the scene assisting a male driver with neck pain after a traffic collision on Bonnie Ave, east of Lot 5.

A female requested a wheelchair after injuring her leg at the Child Development Center and was taken to St. George’s Clinic.

Officers conducted an area check for a transient who was observed with possible paraphernalia. After contact, a check for warrants revealed the subject is wanted out of Pasadena. The subject was transported to the Pasadena Police Department Jail.

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