Monday, October 23

A staff member reported a student who was issued a stay away order in 2009 returned to visit her at R417.

An officer escorted a student to DSPS after facilities advised that a male student was laying on the ground outside IT-212 hitting himself on the head with his hand. The student was picked up by his mother.

An International student requested information on how to file a restraining order after being stalked and harassed on social media by a suicidal non-student threatening to come to PCC.

Tuesday, October 24

A female student was transported from the Science Village 4 to the Health Center after complaining of nausea.

Wednesday, October 25

A male student was transported to the hospital after being found lying down north of the CC building, complaining about dental pain and displaying strange behavior.

A hit and run occurred in Lot 5, Level 4.

A subject who is known by officers to threaten students was reported as repeating the offense near the mirror pools.

A female subject was cited after an altercation in a car between her and a male subject in a car parked in Lot 4, level 3 left the male subject with a bleeding cut on his neck.

Thursday, October 26

A student was counseled after being upset at photo ID because the ID machine ran out of ink.

A male subject was escorted off campus after reportedly harassing the female color guard in the bleachers at the stadium.

Friday, October 27

A hit and run occurred in Lot 4, level 1C.

Saturday, October 28

A male subject wearing a dark shirt and shorts exposed himself to a female student on the third floor of the library.

A suicidal female called from Wichita, KS admitting to having psychiatric issues and domestic problems and said she was no longer suicidal when Wichita PD checked on her.

Sunday, October 29

A student reported that a credit card from her stolen wallet was used to make a purchase at Chik-Fil-A.

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