Kids dressed up in costumes knocking on everyone’s door for candy is one of the Halloween traditions. Pumpkins carved with scary faces with candles inside is one of the many activities families can do for this specific holiday. Keeping children in the holiday spirit can be a challenge for parents, especially with Covid-19 pretty much guaranteeing there won’t be trick or treating. With millions of crafts to choose from this simple Halloween DIY gives younger kids an opportunity to bond with family and friends while using some arts and crafts. 

A craft that is easy to make for little children is a pumpkin face. The materials that you need for this craft is a paper plate, a sharpie, green paper, scissors, orange paint, paint brush and glue. Having all these supplies will make the pumpkin face successful.

The first step for this project is very simple. Take the paper plate and lay it down on the table with a paper towel. Get the orange paint and with your paint brush, cover the entire paper plate. Any paint is okay to use, but craft smart orange paint is recommended. Parents, be aware it can get messy.

The next step is to take out a green piece of paper and draw a rectangle on the papar. When this is completed, use the scissors to cut it out. Parents might need to do this step if the child is little. Once the paper is cut, take out the glue stick and glue the rectangle green paper on top of the paper plate. The glue can be sticky, you might want to wash your hands after this step. 

The last step is to draw the eyes and mouth. Use a sharp or a pencil and draw two triangle eyes near the top of the plate. The eyes can be circles, square or oval shaped depending on what you want your pumpkin eyes to look like. Make sure to fill in the eyes after you traced them on the paper plate. When you finish with eyes, draw the mouth. The mouth can be silly, scary or happy. It’s up to you on how you want your pumpkin mouth to look like. Make sure to fill in the mouth when they are traced on the plate.

Once you have finished the mouth, you have come to the conclusion of the pumpkin face. When the pumpkin face is complete, parents can display it in the house. This craft can be put on the refrigerator, in the child’s room or even the backyard.

The pumpkin face craft isn’t difficult to make so it is doable for younger children. Halloween doesn’t always have to be about candy, being artistic and showing those skills is what this holiday is about.

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