CourierCast: Print media dies at community colleges

Share: Christian Rivas and John Orona of the Courier sat down with the editorial staff at Mt. SAC to talk the state of student journalism on junior college campuses, as well as the importance of having a progressive staff advisor. Where do you stand on the debate? What are some pros and cons of going completely digital? Let us know in the comments below or send us a Tweet @PCCCourier. Courier Cast is a student-run podcast brought to you by The Courier at Pasadena City …

Feeling the burn with Hot 8 Yoga

Share: I voluntarily drove to Hot 8 Yoga and walked into their artificially heated studios three mornings in a row at the exact same time that my husband was escaping the humid heat of Ahmedabad’s streets in India, finding relief in his air-conditioned hotel room. While he’s dreading the high temperatures of his Indian business trip, back home, I’m paying to sweat. Follow:

Foster youth programs give students a place to heal and grow

Share: As overwhelming as college can be, students in foster care with no family support can find an exclusive community at PCC where their different challenges share a common thread.. Scholars Transitioning and Realizing Success (STARS) and Careregivers of Foster Youth (CAFYES) are two foster youth programs that aim to serve as a safe haven for previous and current foster youth students, helping them reach their dreams, goals, and potential. Follow: