Monday, April 10

Officer Gonzales assisted Pasadena Police Department with a wanted subject outside of campus. The subject was transported by the Pasadena Fire Department.

The Circadian area was checked as a student reported gas odor near the area, however no odor was detected.

A subject was making racists comments towards a woman. The subject was detained, counseled and then released.

A hit and run occurred in Lot 4.

The D Building was reported for vandalism, and graffiti was found.

Tuesday, April 11

Officer Chan resolved a campus violation of skateboarders found skating and were advised to leave campus.

Medical attention was requested when a student fell over and struck her head inside V-111 building. The student denied Pasadena Fire Department to transport her to the hospital, but was then transported to the Health Center.

A student requested medical attention due to a possible panic attack and was transported to the Hospital by Pasadena Fire Department

There was a homeless person near the north side of the library, but was gone on arrival of campus police.

Staff reported suspicious circumstances of possible smell of smoke in the IT-building but was cleared after a building check was conducted.

A person was found huffing an aerosol can north of the C Building. The person was cited and then released.

Lot 10 was checked as a suspicious person was detected to be hiding behind a storage bin, however nothing was found.

Wednesday, April 12

A medical response was reported of a student who suffered a leg injury and was transported to the Health Center for treatment.

Officer Robins was requested at C-211 where it was reported students were having a dispute. All subjects were counseled and later released by Officer Robins.

A Piazza staff member requested assistance with removing a homeless person who was reported to be disruptive. The homeless person was then escorted off campus.

Facilities reported there was graffiti in the D-building men’s restroom.

During a meeting in the UU-building a subject reported he was pushed by a man. Officer Chan contacted and counseled both parties.

Thursday, April 13

Officer Robins reported a man behaving disorderly, who was chasing vehicles in Lot 11. Officer Robins resolved the situation by making contact with the subject and advised them to leave the area.

A student was assisted after having a panic attack inside of C-315.

A homeless person with a welfare check was found sleeping in the second floor of the D-building. The subject was advised to leave.

Two subjects were involved in a physical altercation east of the CC-building. Both parties were contacted, counseled and released.

A bicycle was reported to be stolen.

Friday, April 14

Officer Arichega escorted two subjects off campus from the Mirror Pools.

A hit and run occurred in Lot 5 Level 3.

Saturday, April 15

Staff reported a possible homeless person in the men’s restroom of the D-building. A student confirmed that contact was made with the subject.

Sunday, April 16

Office Chan handled traffic collision occurred on Walnut and Sierra Madre Boulevard.

Monday, April 17

Facilities reported on a man who was advised by Officer Gonzales to leave after he was found bathing in the D-building men’s restroom.

Tuesday, April 18

A homeless person was escorted out of the C-building second floor women’s restroom and was advised to leave.

Officer Gonzales was out on a traffic collision off of Colorado Boulevard and Marion Avenue, however no one injured. The officer then contacted Pasadena Police for assistance.

Thursday, April 20

A staff was advised of a possible homeless person that was hiding in the bushes north of the C Building. Contact was made with the subject and was then transported to Huntington Memorial for psychiatric evaluation.

The C-building women’s restroom was checked after reports of a possible transient was sought to be inside, but no one was found

Friday, April 21

Three subjects were found in the Science Village area who advised to an officer that they were only walking through campus.

Saturday, April 22

Subjects were gone on arrival after it was reported that they were throwing water bottles from the third floor of the R-building

Sunday, April 23

Officer Gonzales escorted three subjects off campus who were loitering in the amphitheater.

Officer Gonzales escorted a homeless person off campus from the Mirror Pools

Another homeless person was escorted off campus by Officer Gonzales

Pasadena Police Department were advised of a homeless person who was stripped down fully naked by the mirror pools, but was gone on the arrival of the police.

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