A biased telling of history keeps white supremacy alive

With the Derek Chauvin verdict, holding a police officer accountable for the death of George Floyd, it is sickening to behold any opposition to the suffering that the African American community endures. A counter movement claimed much smaller crowds hailing that white lives matter and attempted to promote the idea of opposition “against the media, government and educational institutions that are anti-white.” The entitlement with these views is undeniable and is rooted in our flawed educational system, which continues to perpetuate white supremacy. The history …

Trump to blame for New Zealand attack

Note: Although the alleged shooter has been identified, he will not be named or pictured in this article. The New York Times published an article regarding this issue. You can read it here. On Friday, March 15, a gunman entered the Al Noor mosque — and later the Linwood Islamic Center — in Christchurch, New Zealand and opened fire on innocent worshipers inside the two locations. The shooter killed at least 50 individuals, and injured at least 49 others.

L’Oreal: Because you’re worth it (if you’re white)

We as a society have been through the abolition of slavery, the Industrial Revolution, the Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, LGBT movements and two massive World Wars that have changed the narrative of our world. Yet, as a country where we pride ourselves on our equality, democracy and human rights, we still have a major social issue with systemic racism and the media has had a big hand in perpetuating that.