German beers, atmosphere and Jazz Funk under Pasadena’s streets

Share: In the busy streets on Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue, lies an underground bar that successfully recreates an atmosphere of the dark ages during the medieval times. Rathskeller, a German word for a town hall basement bar, is the name of the tavern located under the German beer hall, Der Wolfskopf. Rathskeller has become a great location for many locals to enjoy some rare German brews and uniquely crafted specialty cocktails. Follow:

Tasty food market brings bite size culture to Pasadena

Share: Pasadena has always presented fun and memorable events to it’s local residents but this weekend it brought another that was quite delicious. The Tasty Food Market was the event that I was more than happy to check out. This food-based swap meet had a wide selection of food including Indian, sushi, Greek, Mexican, good old smoothies and ribs. There was a lot to choose from but everything I tried was not disappointing. Follow:

Pasadena marijuana dispensaries will all soon be shut down

Share: Last Monday night, the Pasadena City Council decided to go forward with new amendments in the City’s Zoning Code which will prohibit any commercial or distribution of marijuana within the city.  The new changes in the zoning code prohibits any medical or commercial dispensaries, any form of commercial production and lab work for cannabis in the city of Pasadena. An amendment was also passed to only allow medical marijuana to be delivered to the city of Pasadena. Follow:

L’Oreal: Because you’re worth it (if you’re white)

Share: We as a society have been through the abolition of slavery, the Industrial Revolution, the Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, LGBT movements and two massive World Wars that have changed the narrative of our world. Yet, as a country where we pride ourselves on our equality, democracy and human rights, we still have a major social issue with systemic racism and the media has had a big hand in perpetuating that. Follow: