Pasadena’s JPL sends rover to fetch evidence of life on Mars

A booming sound erupts through Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force space station. With a massive cloud of smoke and a blazing fire roaring behind it, the Atlas V-541 catapulted towards space, carrying the rover family’s newest member, Perseverance. The rover has everything it needs to answer the age-old question, is there life on Mars? “It’s like punching a hole in the sky,” said NASA Associate Administrator for Science Thomas Zurbuchen.

ArtCenter grad invents Martian ‘dump truck’

Composed of three separate modules and 12 wheels, ArtCenter College of Design senior Omar Rehman’s segmented Mars land train was shown off at ArtCenter’s annual grad show. The three separate modules all had their own purpose — the front module for the astronauts and collecting geological samples, the middle to process the samples and the remaining module gathers the remains of obsolete rovers to retrieve them.

Pasadena’s place in the space race

Tucked away in a corner just off Colorado Street behind the Norton Simon Museum, sits the smaller, lesser popular Pasadena Museum of History. Even with the museum’s limited space, it still hosts exciting exhibits that relates to the city’s history, as recently demonstrated by the most recent one, “Dreaming the Universe: The Intersection of Science, Fiction, and Southern California.”