Students divided over public access to Shatford Library

PCC library announced the reopening of the Shatford Library to the public on October 25, 2021. The decision has the potential to impact students concerned about lack of space delegated to the students in future semesters. While others are happy to allocate the resources given by the school to the community of Pasadena. The library, usually filled to the brim with students studying for the next midterm or cracking at a 10 page paper in a time crunch is now a ghost town. With only …

Getting an education while staying on your grind

Imagine saving time, transportation costs, and working in an environment where your bosses value your education above all. For PCC students, this is a possible reality. Students can meet new interesting people everyday while working and still have control over how much time they have for studying. Imagine: leisurely strolling to your job the building over from your last class of the day rather than sitting in Pasadena rush hour traffic.

Library lessens late fines and reduces food insecurity

To combat a widespread issue faced by students across the globe, the Shatford Library has collaborated with the Lancer Pantry to orchestrate an event that helps alleviate student hunger on campus. The donation-based event, referred to as “Food 4 Fines,” is hosted every Spring semester at the campus library. Students with overdue library fines can pay off their fines by donating food items, according to Lauren Bauer, a staff librarian who conducted the event. “Students can pay off those fines instead of giving us cash,” …

Students’ guide to first-year social success

Within the spacious and diverse walls of the Center for the Arts, lies a stage imprinted with the birth of confidence. The stage sits bare, its focal point a young woman, glamorously donned in street attire, wearing nerves as her accessories. Though only two sit in the audience, this is her most significant performance yet. As she opens her mouth to sing,her attention is not on the empty seats or her own two feet. Instead, she settles her gaze on one set of eyes. Their …

Birthday bash for Shatford Library

The library wants to add student videos to its collection to celebrate its 20th birthday. Last month, the Shatford Library celebrated its second decade in operation in the library’s rotunda, where cake and prizes were given away to those who attended. A display was made using materials from the archives showing the history of the building, how it was established and how it came to be.