The library wants to add student videos to its collection to celebrate its 20th birthday.

Last month, the Shatford Library celebrated its second decade in operation in the library’s rotunda, where cake and prizes were given away to those who attended. A display was made using materials from the archives showing the history of the building, how it was established and how it came to be.

The Shatford Library is a direct descendent of the original Pasadena High School library that originally occupied the campus. The library has moved around from building to building over the years, according to Debbie Smith Library Acquisitions.

“The library started in the C-building a long time ago, then the L building was made and we were in there until the LL building was made in 93,” said Smith.

The $16.5-million Shatford Library opened in 1994, and holds 133,024 volumes in the general book collection.

The library was named after Walter T. Shatford II in recognition of his four decades of service on the school’s board and his generous donation. He was also very active in the civil rights movement.

A video contest was officially announced during the ceremony. The library asked PCC students to create and submit a short film, no longer than three minutes, about the library and its resources by Nov 24.

The winning group will receive $100 gift card to the student bookstore, second place will receive $75 and third place $50. A guide has been posted on the library website that outlines rules; directions and also gives sample videos from other colleges that run similar contests every year.

According to Walter Butler Librarian, the voting will be opened up to students the week before finals during “de-stress” week.

“It’s the first time we are trying something like this.” Said Butler. “We aren’t sure what type of response we’re going to get from the student body but we are excited to see what’s in store.”

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