We need to talk about Jared Leto

Share: The curtain that shielded the predatory men in Hollywood has been inching its way open, yet Hollywood has been radio silent when it comes to Jared Leto, unless you’re Dylan Sprouse and James Gunn. This sunday Leto presented Olivia Rodrigo with her grammy, which then incited a twitter frenzy of fans hoping to protect Rodrigo from the alleged predator. This leads the question, Leto’s sexual misconduct has been circulating for years, why has Leto never formally addressed it or rather, why has no one …

Michael Jackson’s career is ruined

Share: When HBO released it highly anticipated two part documentary “Leaving Neverland”, which focuses on the stories of two men who accuse Michael Jackson of sexually assaulting them as children, we were promised the graphic and horrific details about what Jackson had done to them. The documentary blew my expectations away and has changed the way I look and listen to Michael Jackson forever.\ Follow: