The curtain that shielded the predatory men in Hollywood has been inching its way open, yet Hollywood has been radio silent when it comes to Jared Leto, unless you’re Dylan Sprouse and James Gunn. This sunday Leto presented Olivia Rodrigo with her grammy, which then incited a twitter frenzy of fans hoping to protect Rodrigo from the alleged predator. This leads the question, Leto’s sexual misconduct has been circulating for years, why has Leto never formally addressed it or rather, why has no one approached him about it?

With the underwhelming release of Morbius, which hardly made its money back in its opening box office weekend, brings us to question the marketability of a man that many simply do not care to support. A TikTok video went viral, detailing the strange behaviors of Leto, particularly his alarming taste for young girls and his cult-like retreats with fans. After the initial TikTok post, girls who have claimed to have been assaulted by Leto came forward to the creator of the videos thread as well as in private messages, which she highlighted in a third video installation of Leto’s creepy behaviors. With so many claims of sexual assault, how is Leto still a working actor in the aftermath of #metoo?

The notion that these are rumors and treating them as such is a dangerous approach to something so insidious. Let’s allow Leto speak on it himself, granted if it’s true I doubt we would get an honest account from him. What is the most alarming isn’t the fact that Leto or his publicity team has not made a comment, it’s that no one is asking. Why would Sprouse, another famous actor, feel compelled to publicly call out Leto if it were just for grins and giggles?

Considering there are no accounts of women or girls pressing charges against Leto for sexual misconduct or assault, it is hard to reign in a man at his level of power. Although, there are many testimonies online from girls and their family members claiming Leto had sexually assaulted them, no one has officially pressed charges. Yet this isn’t a reason to dismiss the allegations just because authorities have never been involved. According to RAINN, Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, “the majority of sexual assaults are not reported to the police.” The reasons behind the silence vary but the top reasons include fear that the perpetrator will retaliate and to protect the victim as well as the victim’s household from experiencing any further crimes from the perpetrator. Imagine the type of retaliation a man in Leto’s position could wield against a girl who does not have the resources to face a lawsuit or want the publicity for something so personal and painful.

Even though the allegations are something that currently only exist in Twitter threads and Reddit, we should still sound the alarm. Let’s ask Leto, put the heat on him to make a comment, blow up his Instagram, pressuring him to address the concerns and allegations of so many individuals. This isn’t one person who claimed to be abused by Leto, these allegations have come in droves. Gyllenhaal felt the wrath of the Swifties after her “All to Well” video drop, how is a supposed sexual deviant with consistant pedophilic claims ignored? Leto’s Instagram has no trace of haters. What does this say to victims who don’t have the fame that Taylor Swift has? Will we only support celebrities who have a platform? This is more than the public needing to recognize what Leto may have done, he needs to sit down and face the hard questions that so many of us have. 




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