Octavia E. Butler Magnet school honors innovative sci-fi writer

In the world of writers of the 21st century, there aren’t many who stand out as beautifully as Octavia E. Butler. The acclaimed science fiction author created a legacy that has impacted millions of people from all walks of life. Her pursuit of incorporating black life across the diaspora into sci-fi stories completely changed the game of storytelling. In November of 2022, Pasadena Unified School district approved to have the formerly known Washington Middle School name changed to the Octavia E. Butler Magnet.  The Octavia …

Mask up! It’s time for school

After a year of isolation, depression, distancing, and studying from home, it is finally time for schools to reopen. As COVID-19 distanced society, schools all over the states were forced to close. Since the pandemic started in March 2020, AP News reported that 6.1 million California students from K-12 have studied remotely. As the number of confirmed cases continues to decrease, it’s planned for schools to reopen in mid-March and early April.

California schools shouldn’t reopen at the risk of spiking COVID-19 cases

While reopening schools may seem appealing to parents and students, cases are still rising all over the state and are predicted to worsen with the upcoming holiday season. Almost all Southern California counties have already announced that the Spring semester of 2021 will remain online, including PCC. As of right now, this is the best route California can take in order to contain the virus and decrease cases.