Racism and rebuke: An email reveals ‘all lives matter’ faculty

Share: This story has been updated to include a statement from Marc Angelucci on his status as an honoree from the Southern Poverty Law Center. PCC found a moment of unity in the midst of troubling times when college leadership unanimously passed the resolution denouncing the killing of unarmed Black individuals, but responses to an internal email quickly drew outrage at two professors for their views, according to a partial thread obtained by the Courier. Follow:

‘Just breathe’: Professors’ first week of school

Share: With the hustle and bustle the first week of school, students fill the busy halls with many faces who are new to the campus looking seemly lost, while there are the returning students who rush to class because they fear being dropped. With students being the school’s top priority, often times the professor’s struggles are overseen when they share just as much anxiety and fears on their first week of school. Follow:

PCC implements new student outreach system

Share: To combat the issue of declining enrollment and miscommunication between professors and students, Pasadena City College (PCC) has implemented Early Alert, an outreach system aimed to inform and track students’ progress throughout the semester. The program, still in its pilot phase, is integrated in Canvas and allows for “easier communication and collaboration” between the professors and students, counselor Ingrid Arana said. The system is designed for faculty members to send out communicative indicators to students, such as  “Kudos” or “Flags,” to inform them on …

Water you doing Tuesday night? Attend new student-prof workshops

Share: In hopes of fostering a more welcoming environment on campus, Associated Students (AS) will begin hosting “Community Night,” a newly-established social event directed towards promoting an interactive dialogue between professors and students every Tuesday night at the Circadian lounge. Revolving around the theme of water, the event will run for six nights and consist of two segments, according to AS Vice President for Business Affairs Alejandro Chavez. Featuring a wide range of speakers from each department, the central aim of the event is to …