President Trump versus the 14th amendment

Share: My dad is first generation American and second generation Guatemalan. Back in the 1970’s, my grandma – who was pregnant at the time – came here to the United States. As a single mom, she wanted to raise her son in a place that will allow him opportunities she knew he could not receive back in her home country. My grandma came here to achieve the “American Dream” for my father, to give him a better life. Follow:

Aspiring entrepreneur defies parents, leaves China for PCC

Share: In a classroom of over thirty people, Weijie Gao, on occasion would ask his environmental science professor for help. However he would get the same response of, “ask your group members for help,” when searching for the answer. Even when Gao would get rejected multiple times, he was still determined to find the right solution. Whether it be to a science problem or to making life decisions, he would ensure he found what he was looking for. Follow:

‘Just breathe’: Professors’ first week of school

Share: With the hustle and bustle the first week of school, students fill the busy halls with many faces who are new to the campus looking seemly lost, while there are the returning students who rush to class because they fear being dropped. With students being the school’s top priority, often times the professor’s struggles are overseen when they share just as much anxiety and fears on their first week of school. Follow:

Police Blotter: female groped in L building, male suspect still at large

Share: Monday, August 20, 2018 Inside the D building, a staff member reported to campus police that a subject was following them. The subject was later arrested and taken to the Pasadena Police Department (PPD). A male suspect was reported of groping a female inside the L building. The male suspect still remains at large.             A subject declined to leave the Photo ID Station in the Campus Center after being told they must pay a replacement fee for a new ID. Upon arrival of …