Big L.A. Portrait, Small Affair

Share: Don’t come to the Big L.A. Portrait Gallery under the impression that there will be swarms of people, booming music and too many art installations to see. This isn’t the event in which others’ fever about an artwork spreads and makes everyone feverish before they can even judge it themselves. This isn’t an event to meet people or be seen; it’s a chance to appreciate art while being in a state of relaxation—appreciation in a purer form. Follow:

Alternative transportation is beneficial for us all

Share: Cars are bumper to bumper in the parking lot, the occasional honking, and the pain of sitting behind the wheel for such a long time just to get to class, which can be very vexing when a majority of students are on a time crunch to get to class. Students sit in soul-crushing traffic for a time that feels like forever on their way to get to school when there are easier alternative ways to get around. They sit in cars during traffic right …