This past summer Metrolink installed a number of rentable bikes at the east end of the Pasadena City College campus.

Taylor Gonzales/ Courier
A newly installed solar powered Metro bike station in front of Pasadena City College on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

After the first few months that the bikes were installed, they overtook many of the other locations in usage.

Other bike rental locations in Pasadena include stations as close as Allen Street where there is a stop for the Metrolink Goldline as well as a bike station on Hill/Green Street. Though there are many other rentable bike stations all over Pasadena.

Board of Trustees President Dr. Ross Selvidge was able to test ride the newly installed bikes and was really intrigued how the simple bike could make such a difference in his idea of transportation.

“It is going to be a great addition to the different forms of mobility here in Pasadena,” said Selvidge. “It should be a huge convenience for many of our students.”

The bikes have a universal design that shows them to be safe, as they were built to handle all different types of riders. At first ride, the bike seats should be adjusted to the height of the rider so the trip could be as comfortable as possible and there is less risk of injury.

“The bikes are heavy though they are built to be “bomb proof” given the use they will get from all different sorts of riders,” Selvidge said.

Local outlet Pasadena Now reported that Pasadena City College ranks in the top five out of the 31 different stations with newly installed Metrolink bikes. The bikes have only been open during the summer, when there were far less students on campus, so there should be an expected bump.

Public transportation in recent years for college students has grown as there has been an increase in Colleges and Universities adding some sort of public transportation program to help students in need of a ride. Students are pleased to have access to bike rentals to at PCC to make their commute easier.

“The bikes are very convenient,” said freshman Mario Vega. “The bikes really make getting around campus and to nearby places very easy and fast, not to mention they aren’t very expensive to ride.”

“I wish the bikes were here for my first year,” sophomore Diana Perez said. “They are pretty much changing up the transportation game.”

Along with the ease and affordability of the bikes, they come with added benefits such as improving your health and the environment according to Metrolink.

The bikes are rented at a variety of different prices, as well as Metrolink offering different specials. Passes are being sold for $40 per year which is known, as the flex pass, or $20 a month.

Taylor Gonzales/ Courier
A newly installed solar powered Metro bike station in front of Pasadena City College on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

For riders renting a bike without a pass, there is a $1.75 fee for every 30 minutes. To find more information to the bike rental locations or more information about buying a pass you can head to the Metrolink website or contact (844)-857-2453.

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