Queen Bey slays Netflix with ‘Homecoming’ documentary

Share: In nearly two hours, Beyonce and her astounding cast of dancers, singers and musicians managed to put together an unparalleled collection of her biggest hits and deep cuts, combined with music from the “Dirty South” and many civil rights activists like Nina Simone. Served alongside was the visuals of historically black colleges and universities. One year later, as the second weekend of Coachella approaches, the memory of “Beychella” looms large. No star-studded appearances (maybe Kid-Cudi bringing out Kanye West) in this years festival line …

Taylor Swift and the case of the failed concept album

Share: As far as concept albums go, Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is the textbook definition. The thematic arc from “Pray You Catch Me” to “Formation” is abundantly clear and climactic. The journey Beyonce goes through is one of redemption, forgiveness and newfound strength. When she sings “I found the truth beneath your lies” in “Pray You Catch Me,” you know that lies she’s referring to are the secrets she was smelling in “Hold Up.” Follow: