College One: the track to triumph

Share: They step foot into the widespread, grassy area where wood-like sculptures are reflected throughout the campus entrance. As they enter the building division, the brown, wood-like doors lurk through the new students’ eyes. Confused on which room to enter, this is just one of the many obstacles they face as “froshes.” Follow:

Police Blotter: Two students caught having sex in CA building

Share: Monday, October 16 A hit and run of a parked vehicle in lot 5 level 3 was reported, and the driver left the scene because she did not have a driver’s license. A student reported her backpack being stolen after left unattended in the the GM- building. The backpack thief was caught and her things were returned. A staff reported two subjects engaging in sexual intercourse on the third floor of the CA building. A student reported that she has a stalker on campus, …

Third Wave Club: Unmasking toxic masculinity

Share: Walking into the Wifi lounge, it was hard to miss the group of students huddled around a table of free food and coffee. The smell of coffee drifted through the air amongst the murmurs of students looking for their friends, discussing any midterms that were taken that day, and waiting for the free movie to begin. Once the clock hit 6:30, students rushed to find the nearest seat and settled in to begin the film. Follow: