How the writing center gave voice to an artist

Share: The crisp February morning fog settled in as Baylie Raddon, an english major at Pasadena City College, began preparing for the long day ahead. Thirty miles stood between Pasadena and her house in Rancho Cucamonga. It should have been a forty minute commute but the 210 freeway was in a traffic jam, as expected. It was the beginning of the 2019 Spring semester and everyone was scrambling to find their place.  Follow:

‘Leadership is where I belong’: Meet the new AS prez

Share: Everyone’s path towards success leads differently. Dionne B. Shelton, current President of Associated Students, discovered hers after she was overseen for a promotion at her previous job. She had the skills and built relationships but lacked the degree. Frustrated with being overlooked because of nepotism, Shelton began her journey at Pasadena City College and discovered her leadership capabilities.  Follow:

Defined by the Grind

Share: Growing up with dyslexia, being bullied throughout his entire educational career, battling isolationism and low self esteem, Pasadena City College student Jacob Yanez turned to music for solace. Yanez found not only music, but also a community in one of music’s most underground genres- grindcore. Follow:

From South Korea to PCC: One students journey

Share: For Yooneui Joo, the trials and tribulations of moving to a brand new country was a daunting experience at first. From feeling lonesome countless times to being treated differently, Joo experienced more lows than highs during the start of her journey. Born in South Korea and growing up in Seoul, Joo, 21, barely knew a lick of English. She did know two things, however. Joo knew she had a love for jewelry design and had a desire to experience different cultures and different people. …