Deciding on a major is a big declaration that impacts a lot of choices and paths taken in the future. It is not uncommon for people to change majors more than once, or have second thoughts about their career selection. This will not be a problem for second year Sophia Kaloustian, who has already set her heart and mind for a life in music here at PCC.

On a hot and sunny early afternoon in front of PCCs Center for the Arts building, Kaloustian spelled out her zeal for melody, voice and education. She has known that she wanted to major in music since high school but she’s been in love with performing and singing since she was a child.

Studying music theory and specifically vocals, Kaloustian has many paths she wishes to walk with her musical life. Creating original music and covering songs under her own name on Youtube, her life is well absorbed by the power of song. Despite the challenges of a musical career, she wants to dive deep. 

“[Music] Theory is a little hard for me, but the rest of classes come pretty naturally,” Kaloustian said. “Even though it can be challenging, it’s my passion.” 

Kaloustian wishes to obtain a bachelor’s degree in teaching music and transfer out. Her end goal is to teach people how to sing in choirs. Giving personal one on one lessons and being in the concert choir at PCC, she is happy with this choice. The power of the freedom to study music here is also very important to Kaloustian. 

“Being here impacted me in a positive way,” she said. “The last years of high school were negative for me. Here, I get to learn what I actually care about.” 

Kaloustian claims that in a high school environment, she learned things that were not pertinent to the direction she wanted to take her life in such as geometry and other general studies materials.

“I wasn’t learning what I was passionate about, the teachers and administration weren’t very supportive or understanding which added to making my last year a negative experience that led to me feeling very depressed the majority of my senior year,” said Kaloustian.

She claims that the PCC staff are much more supportive and enthusiastic. They give her the tools for achieving her goals. Valuing her academic freedom here, Kaloustian is sure to keep on learning so she can teach others in the future. 

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