PCC’s snail email leaves students confused

PCC’s email system has been staggering the delivery of important emails, resulting in some students receiving updates about changes on campus much later than they were initially sent out.  This has led some students to question if PCC is properly assessing the urgent needs of its student body during this time of crisis.  Due to the campus closure, the only way PCC has been able to communicate with students is to notify them through their email service. Updates regarding the college’s response to the COVID-19 …

Comey’s life line to Trump

October 28th, 2016 may be a day that will forever be marked with infamy. Before that day, just about everyone was disgusted with Trump. His Billy Bush video sent the world into a frenzy and it seemed as though Clinton was going to be elected president without a doubt in anyone’s mind, even to those who hated her. But everyone was wrong.