PCC’s email system has been staggering the delivery of important emails, resulting in some students receiving updates about changes on campus much later than they were initially sent out. 

This has led some students to question if PCC is properly assessing the urgent needs of its student body during this time of crisis. 

Due to the campus closure, the only way PCC has been able to communicate with students is to notify them through their email service. Updates regarding the college’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic have been of particular importance.

These updates include information about the switch to remote instruction, which is to continue until the end of spring semester, and the postponement of commencement ceremonies

However, some students have not been receiving these emails on time, resulting in confusion. 

Unpunctual time frames for the emails have varied from student to student, and do not seem to be fixed in any recognizable pattern.

“We know how confusing and stressful this whole situation has been,” said PCC spokesperson Alex Boekelheide. “I don’t believe the system is malfunctioning, but I do think that it’s a shortcoming that this kind of staggering is happening.” 

According to Boekelheide, PCC is working with service providers to see if the emails can be sent out more quickly by breaking them up into distribution lists. 

Spacing out messages and planning the sending process can take long periods of time. This may explain why staggered emails have been an ongoing problem. 

“I do think this is really weird,” said PCC student, Alisha Ma. “If it’s a mass email, shouldn’t it be sent at the same time? This is really important information that no student should miss out on, especially because we are relying on updates about what our education future looks like, any health concerns, and it should be fixed ASAP.” 

According to the Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services, Candace Jones, Technology Services will be working to adjust the standard delivery of the emails, so that messages are received quicker. However, PCC is still faced with the challenge of making sure emails are not blacklisted and marked as spam generators.

“Sending overnight [emails] instead of during the day ensures folks will get the message when they check their email in the morning,” Boekelheide explained.

PCC will continue to notify students of the changes taking place on campus with email updates. 

To stay informed about the campus’ response to COVID-19, check here.

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