An appreciation of Latino culture through art

When you think of Los Angeles a lot comes into mind. From the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, to the beaches of Santa Monica and to the people that make Los Angeles such an incredible place. The Latino culture of LA has had an incredible impact in the community with their music and art. Over the weekend, LA had an opportunity to appreciate the work and culture of Latino artists in the community.  

Big L.A. Portrait, Small Affair

Don’t come to the Big L.A. Portrait Gallery under the impression that there will be swarms of people, booming music and too many art installations to see. This isn’t the event in which others’ fever about an artwork spreads and makes everyone feverish before they can even judge it themselves. This isn’t an event to meet people or be seen; it’s a chance to appreciate art while being in a state of relaxation—appreciation in a purer form.

The Last Bookstore: A literary labyrinth

The hustle and bustle of Downtown Los Angeles faded, as the strumming of a guitar performed a soft rock song over the speakers and set the tone for the afternoon. People disappeared into aisles and others emerged from another section, scouring every shelf carefully, hoping not to miss something great. Some clutched their findings and sat in the main area, nestled into the leather chairs and couches of red, blue and green. A standstill wave, a living sculpture of books layered over each other, hovered …