Pasadena restaurants fight for their place at the table

Pie and Burger is a charming small restaurant in Pasadena that has been serving since 1963. The restaurant specializes in its classic California hamburgers and top-rated pies, and has received various awards in the past years. Due to the pandemic, however, the restaurant has been having to deal with constant changes in regulations. Local restaurants are facing uncertainty and anguish during COVID times and have been impacted dramatically.

High tech is the new norm thanks to COVID

Technology is a driving force for human civilization to progress and improve, its development has made life inseparable from it. Today, society is experiencing an integration of daily life and technology. Especially during the pandemic, technologies have helped to reduce the spread of the virus by replacing direct human contact with robots or remote communications. These new adjustments causing more frequent usage of these technologies will have a long-lasting effect across all industries beyond COVID-19 and in human history.

LA championships: ‘Can we PLEASE have a parade’

After years of loss and unfairness, the Commissioner’s Trophy is finally within reach for the Dodgers. With two outs and no one on, Julio Urias winds up, and Dodger fans across the country hold their breath. The pitch flies in at 97 miles per hour, right down the middle, and the stadium erupts into screams. The Dodgers have won their first World Series since 1988.

Protecting yourself from the horror of COVID this Halloween?

Many families are anticipating a very different Halloween this year due to the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. To keep the people of Pasadena safe the city has released guidelines on how to celebrate safely.  In order for people to remain socially distant many of the traditional Halloween celebrations, such as trick or treating, are not recommended by the City of Pasadena.  A news release from the office of the Pasadena city manager tells residents which events they should avoid, which are not permitted at …