This time the friendship breaking game in the spotlight isn’t a subspecies of “Uno,” “Settlers of Catan,” or even “Monopoly.” This time it’s an indie multiplayer game called “Among Us.”

With the pandemic putting the pout on people’s phases with a stay-at-home mandate, it’s inevitable to start feeling agonizingly bored. Stuck in the house with the same people (at least for those with housemates), buttons are bound to be pushed. So it’s important to purge any frustration and lethargy through some fun. Playing a game that sprouts out trust issues, mind-blowing strategy, and getting completely hammered along the way is definitely one way to go.

You’re the Imposter! Or Am I?

The game features 4 to 10 players as crewmates on either a spaceship or space station. The twist is that one or two players (depending on players’ preferred settings) are secretly designated as the imposter. These players are to kill either most or all of the crewmates by either killing them off one by one or through sabotaging the oxygen supply. The crewmates are to finish their tasks before they’re killed by the imposters or end the game quickly by deducing and voting off the true imposter.

With that as the game’s premise, it is inevitable that some will end up butting heads. Accusations will be thrown out like merchandise during a clearout sale at a failing business. Everyone is considered suspicious (or as the current lingo calls it, “sus”) until they are floating through the vacuum of space.

“It gets really intense when we play the game sober, because either everyone’s throwing accusations around or it’s always the same person getting voted off,” 2nd year Devin Manion said. “Whenever we make it a drinking game, it’s only a matter of who hasn’t passed out yet.”

Livers Beware

Here’s an alternative way to give your own time on Among Us a little twist. The game itself and the rules are played normally but the consequences of what happens are a little different this time. Whenever an emergency meeting is held (this is when players get to vote who to eject from the spacecraft) and someone is voted off, there are two possibilities. 

If a player is ejected but turns out not to be the imposter, everyone who voted for them must drink. However if that player was indeed an imposter, that person must take a drink for every person that voted for them. 

However, the booze barrage doesn’t end when the game is over. If the crewmates win the game, the imposter(s) must take a drink equal to the number of living players left. If the imposter(s) win the game, every crewmate must take a drink equal to the number of imposters there are.

With all these tipsy terms in place, it will encourage crewmates to be very careful with whom they accuse, and imposters when they should choose to kill a player. Thus, play carefully, underage drinking is not encouraged, and drink responsibly.

Among Us is a fantastic way to pass time, stay connected with friends, and even rekindle relationships. Whether the game is played with booze in hand or completely sober, it is bound to bring out laughs and stoke up some excitement. Players can impress others with their clever tactics or just engage in some zany antics that represent the two brain cells one brings to an intense exam. So wait out the COVID, and find out who is acting very ‘sus’.

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