Parking lot laurels lift Lancers to victory

Share: The Lancers football team needed an emphatic stop Saturday night on third down, leading Citrus College Owls 23-20 with 56 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Citrus marched their special teams unit on the field to attempt to tie the game with a field goal. With no fans in the stands at Robinson field, the student parking lot 4 erupted. Approximately 50 fans cheered, honked their horns, or clapped, causing multiple car alarms to randomly go off. The sounds started to echo through the …

Baseball: Where did three hours of my life go?

Share: Disclaimer: I’ve somehow managed to avoid writing a real life sports story for the past 2 semesters, taking the easy route and writing profile stories about coaches and feature stories on events happening during games. The following is the Lifestyle Editor’s sarcastic attempt at covering a sports game. No baseball players were harmed in the process of writing this critical review. Follow: