Blind debater delivers despite self doubt

As Speech and Debate director Cindy Phu and head coaches Allan Axibal-Cordero and Jay Arntson were breaking down the syllabus, explaining events, and outlining upcoming tournaments on the first day of class, student Laura Davila listened nervously while already deciding when to drop. Her plan of escape was interrupted once introductory icebreakers started and she was required to introduce herself.

16-year-old PCC debate student brings home gold

Sadia Khan is a gold prize winner in the art of persuasion who can’t fully grasp how good she is no matter what argument people will use to convince her. She is sitting in the back row of her speech and debate class when a writer from the Courier enters the room to look for her. She’s surprised that the campus publication wants to profile her, but is ready to chat about her life-changing experiences at PCC.

Feminist club works to empower, inspire students at PCC

Catcalling, sexual harassment, and the empowerment of women are some things that come to mind on the idea of feminism. This controversial movement and the growing awareness in feminism is an ongoing conflict for all ages, genders, and countries. The PCC Feminist club is a part of the world’s largest pro-choice student network called “Feminist Campus.” This union utilizes the Choices Leadership Program, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances and affiliated campus groups in order to help develop leadership, organizing skills, improve their campuses and communities, and …