Sitting in the middle of the grass near the mirror pools at PCC, Ka’inoamakua Otsuka Mandaloniz, a Lancer student, was enjoying his evening listening to music with his big blue headphones. Someone that was minding his own business, was willing to talk about his life.

“My first name’s Hawaiian, my middle name’s Japanese and my last name’s Mandaloniz,” he explained.

At 27 years old, Mandaloniz was born in Hawaii but was raised in Los Angeles County. He has lived in several locations, such as Westwood, Santa Monica, East Los Angeles and finally to Pasadena; Mandaloniz is no stranger to Los Angeles. Yet he still visits his origins in Hawaii from time to time where his mother and family lives.

“Right now I’m in my second history class out of five,” said Mandaloniz.

Mandaloniz has been a student at PCC for about four years as a history major. Even though he came to the conclusion of changing his major to a natural science, he wants to finish up his classes to get his AA in history.

“With history my original intentions was to be a history teacher but I don’t have the academic talent for that, so with science my intentions is something more hands on,” said Mandaloniz.

Nutrition is an option for him but this major is still up in the air.

“I’m positively not happy with History, which it’s my major,” said Mandaloniz.

Besides the path he is taking at school or deciding to take, he has other interests of his that fulfill his life.

“One of my hobbies is playing cards. Not like hearts or clubs but trading card games; magic,” explained Mandaloniz.

A game which Mandaloniz likes to play about twice a week. On the active side, he enjoys riding his bike and exercising. He does hope to join the water polo team at school one day.

“I’m trying to get into shape to join the Pasadena water polo team. I’m a shark in the water. I’ve been playing for over five years so I know the physical conditions to play,” said Mandaloniz, “I’ve been MVP three times so I know what’s required to play.”

Mandaloniz said he played at the Cerritos Aquatic Program when he played water polo.

“Just for a hobby I want to start making my own clothes,” said Mandaloniz, “Either than cards and the clothes making thing, I like to go on YouTube. You know, social media stuff.”

Mandaloniz feels one of his strengths is being punctual with his tasks.

“I’m good at being punctual, when things need to be done, I get them done and I do them promptly in a timely matter, but sometimes I do procrastinate,” said Mandaloniz. One thing he has trouble dealing with is criticism.

“I don’t take criticism well. For example, I’m in an English 1A and I got a paper back and I really hate reading criticism. It’s like a personal flaw when I don’t do well in the writing or anything I’m getting criticized for,” said Mandaloniz.

Being at school is a place where Mandaloniz can feel free. Back at home, he deals with domestic issues that keeps him away from wanting to go back home every day. Mandaloniz isn’t your typical student at PCC. He doesn’t live with family or friends.

“I live in a boarding care. Boarding care are residential accommodations for people with sickness who take medications or have physical problems or mental issues,” explained Mandaloniz, “I’m just dealing with older people who don’t have any ambition. It’s really depressing.”

This situation he is in and the way he is dealing with it, by going to school, doing what he loves and living his life, reflects his own life’s philosophy.

“I think a person should do something to change the world no matter how big and small. Because I am at home and i’m around other people who are older and who are not pursuing anything, they’re content with just being vegetables, I don’t condone that,” said Mandaloniz.

He thought about it further and went on to say what he meant about his philosophy of life.

“I think people need structure in their lives. People need to have some ambition, people need to have dreams, people need to communicate, people need to have respect. I think what the world is lacking today is more sincerity, understanding, and more friendliness,” expressed Mandaloniz.

Mandaloniz is looking for his purpose in life. He hasn’t quite found it but he is searching for it and feels he is getting closer to it every time he accomplishes something.

“Try to discover something that will make you feel alive,” said Mandaloniz. “Do something that makes you feel like a whole person.”



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