Police blotter

Share: Monday, Nov 3, 2014 A student fell and twisted his ankle near the C Building, across from the Mirror Pools.  The student was taken to the Health Center to be treated. A faculty member reported that a woman slipped and injured her leg in the fourth floor women’s restroom of the R Building.  She was taken to the Health Center to be treated. Follow:

Gladiators trudge in mud to support Autism charity

Share: Only the bravest of gladiators thrived on the mud madness held at the Rose Bowl last month.   “Dead Man Carry,” “Widow’s Web” and “The Beast” are just a few of the obstacles of Dan Clark’s 5K and 10K Gladiator Rock’n Run. The mud run called about 5,000 gladiators to not just test their courage, stamina and grit, but also to raise funds and awareness for autism. Follow:

Meat District Lets You Look & Get Hooked

Share: The Meat District Company offers a unique dining experience where guests can witness fresh, natural meat being grinded and watch chefs prepare meals through an open kitchen.   The Australian-based restaurant, located on Raymond Street in Old Town Pasadena, is the company’s first location to open in the United States. Since their grand opening about a month ago, supervisor Ennovy Ruvio said they have been successful in luring meat-lovers.   “We get very busy on the weekends,” Ruvio said. “It’s been really good.”   …

Old art gallery is remembered during this year’s faculty art exhibit

Share: “Conference Center,” an art exhibit in the Boone Family Art Gallery, cleverly named in remembrance of the old art gallery in the quad, displayed the art work of the faculty members of the school of Visual, Media and Performing Arts last Thursday. The previous art gallery, which is now a conference center was converted due to the demands of prior administration.  This inspired Brian Tucker, director of The Boone Family Art Gallery, to cleverly title the event, “Conference Center,” as a reminder of the …

Former Sergeant Leads Veterans Club on a Mission

Share: Former sergeant and now chemical engineering major Mark Castanon is leading the Veterans Club on an operation to raise funds and awareness for a clinic that all former soldiers in the San Gabriel Valley will be able to benefit from. After leaving the Army two years ago, Castanon wandered on to campus and began adjusting to new life as a civilian. His leadership instincts led him to yet another team on another mission. The mission was to bring forward the important problem of inadequate …