Monday, Nov 3, 2014

A student fell and twisted his ankle near the C Building, across from the Mirror Pools. The student was taken to the Health Center to be treated.

A faculty member reported that a woman slipped and injured her leg in the fourth floor women’s restroom of the R Building. She was taken to the Health Center to be treated.


Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014

A man was shouting profanities at a woman near the Mirror Pools. Officer Robins made contact with the man and diffused the incident.

A man was shouting at cadets who were taking the flag down north of the E Building. The man was intoxicated and had cans of beer in his possession. He was arrested and taken to jail.


Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014

A man was reported to be showering with his dog. Officer Robins reported and recognized the man as wanted by the Los Angeles Police. As Robins took him into custody, the man resisted, necessitating further backup to contain the situation. The man had an arrest warrant out for him for domestic assault. Officer Robins sustained minor injuries from the arrest, and the suspect was taken to jail.


Thursday, Nov 6, 2014

A man student suffered a seizure at CEC. A witness notified the Pasadena Fire Department, but the man refused to be transferred to the hospital. The man recovered and went on his way.

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