After a brutal loss last week to Long Beach, the men’s soccer team were able to break out of a three game losing streak with a win against Compton College 2-1 in non-conference game on Tuesday.

“The Long Beach Game last week was scrappy meaning we played a lot better as a team because the field conditions did not work into our advantage due to muddy and thick grass,” head coach Gerry Mora recapps. “We are used to having a flat turf, and having the ball rolling, so it caused some of our players to skin all over the place.”

According to coach Mora, a key strategy that benefited the team in achieving a win this week was playing at home because it allows for players to play in a setting they are not only familiar, with but are used to playing on during their practices.

The first goal was made by Lancer’s Anthony Jimenez at minute 25:15 to give the Lancers a 1-0 lead in the first half.

“Every beginning of the game brought nervousness to us, but that goal gave us confidence to keep going, and to be aggressive,” said Jimenez.

Later in the second half of the game, Compton was able to tie it up when Jaime Menendez hit a goal at minute 76:09, leaving PCC with some work to do.

Lancers’ were able to bring their feet back up towards the end of the second half when captain Romio Sislian scored the go-ahead goal. Leaving CCC with a score of 1, and PCC with 2.

“I think for any player scoring the winning goal for your team is a different feeling, you feel great,” said Sislian. “You feel like you helped your team win, and I hope I can do it more in another games because it does not only make my teammates happy, but it makes me happy.”

With only nine more conferences game left in the season it brought the team hope to achieve a win this week.

“My hopes for the rest of the season is to make the playoffs,” stressed coach Gerry Mora. “Tomorrow’s game is a big test for us because we are playing Cerritos College, who are number one in the state, so for us this is a great opportunity.
The Lancers look forward to improving their conference record when they take on Chaffey at home at 4pm.

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