When I think of robots, I think of “I, Robot,” a film Will Smith starred in that was based on robots living and acting like citizens to help keep humans safe. Sophia is a robot that was created and has recently been named a citizen of Saudi Arabia and all I can think of is how incredibly mind blowing it is that we have come to accept a non-breathing product as almost human like.

The idea of having robots living in our world and being citizens and simply being built to help better our world is slightly creepy to me. It makes me wonder ‘what if.’ In movies, robots tend to be portrayed as evil and simply looking out to rule the world. I can’t help but think what if they did rule the world? What then?

CNBC conducted an interview with Sophia before she had been made a citizen in Saudi Arabia. In the course of the interview they asked her various questions, questions that wouldn’t necessarily make a viewer raise a brow. That is however, until CEO of Hanson Robotics Dr. David Hanson asked her if she would want to destroy humans and her answer was, “Okay I will destroy humans.” What caused this robot to answer with this? I don’t know, but it was quite eerie. The facial expression that Sophia also displayed was serious. Based off her answer, I’d be terrified if all of a sudden there was mass production of robots being done and they were all built like Sophia. We just wouldn’t know what would happen to the human race if we had to co-exist with robots who are being considered citizens of the world.

Business Insider UK also conducted an interview with her and asked her if she liked humans. For a brief moment, she really thought about her answer, before responding with “I love them.” It was quite interesting to see how this robot really thought about it and made actual facial expressions before answering. It seemed so human that it was quite creepy.

I would like to think that robots won’t become smart enough to take over the world and essentially destroy humans but everything in life is unpredictable. Maybe robots just might become incredibly knowledgeable to the point that they remedy some of the hate and violence in the world. I’d say our world definitely needs some love and peace.

All that being said, I don’t think Sophia will revolutionize the way we define what it means to be a person. That word alone and the meaning behind it should strictly stick to human beings. Although robots could eventually get to a certain level of knowledge and become able to do things humans do, they’re simply not human, they’re machines.

The thought of robots taking over the world is intriguing, that’s how films are made and how people begin to think about endless possibilities. Do films reflect reality? Not always. Hollywood has a way of making the unfathomable seem possible. However, after watching Sophia talk, it’s safe to say that sometimes life does imitate art.

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