It is hard to deny that men are obsessed with women’s vaginas, more specifically the things coming in or out of them.

Conservative men basically drool at the mouth whenever they get to decide if women “deserve” the right to free contraceptives or birth control. The fetish of disrespecting women’s rights to their own bodies is dangerously embedding itself into a stronger influence and dirtbags like Tim Murphy are growing two faces.

Not only did he commit adultery but he tried to cover his lustful desires up by pleading with his mistress to get an abortion. For being such a proud devout Catholic, he really is breaking a lot of rules.

This is basically the mentality of every conservative man in office.

Liz Throop/ Creative Commons

Perfectly synchronized with the resignation of Murphy, Trump surrounded himself with a group of men and signed an executive order that reverses the mandate that Obamacare provided, which forces companies to provide workers birth control.

As if the world doesn’t already have enough on it’s shoulders right? Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis was brushed to the side by Trump, because obviously his top priorities always have to do with grabbing women by the “pussy”.

Hey, does Flint have clean water yet? Never mind that, because Trump would rather focus his time towards trying to control our rights to our vaginas.

Trump is no stranger to going against women’s wishes and doing what he pleases with their bodies. All the sexual harassment cases against him prove that his love for taking women’s rights away goes deep, especially since he loves grabbing women by their vaginas without their consent.

As Trump tried to downscale the reality of the executive order he just passed, it’s only fair that we know exactly what the hell is in it.

Our dear President Donald Trump officially left women in the dust again by signing an executive order that grants companies “religious freedom” to deny women mandated birth control or contraceptives.According to the Federal Register, “These interim final rules expand exemptions to protect moral convictions for certain entities and individuals whose health plans are subject to a mandate of contraceptive.”

Moral convictions? How can these “religious bearing” companies talk to their employees about moral conviction while they so easily take away their rights to safe sex or birth control? Nothing is morally acceptable about that.

Companies must really be living in between a sheet of lies if they believe that taking away birth control or contraceptives is going to stop the rates of people engaging in sexual intercourse. Yes people are having sex and possibly lots of us. No contraceptives, mean an easier probability of pregnancy.

According to Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, an obstetrician with the New York-based group Physicians for Reproductive Health, people aren’t necessarily having less sex, but rather being more cautious when it comes to having protected sex, and avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion is definitely a taboo subject in America and Trump just ended the one mandate that had a possible direct correlation with lowering the rate of unintended pregnancies and abortions.

However, birth control and contraceptives being harder to obtain by women will result in an increase in unintended pregnancies, teenage pregnancies and abortions.

Men need to grow a pair of ovaries and get hit by misogyny hard.

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