Monday, October 16

A hit and run of a parked vehicle in lot 5 level 3 was reported, and the driver left the scene because she did not have a driver’s license.

A student reported her backpack being stolen after left unattended in the the GM- building. The backpack thief was caught and her things were returned.

A staff reported two subjects engaging in sexual intercourse on the third floor of the CA building.

A student reported that she has a stalker on campus, information on his appearance has been noted.

A 2015 White KIA parked in lot three received damage due to a hit and run.

Tuesday,  October 17

Two knife throwers were reported by the mirror pools, the subjects were identified and escorted off the campus.

A male Hispanic subject approximately 30 years old was reported after appreciating females in the Quad and asking them personal questions. The subject was contacted and advised to leave campus.

There was a male with light skin complexion in the Women’s locker room restroom in the W building. He was told he was in the wrong locker room, but didn’t leave until he was yelled at by another female student.

A note was left on a student’s car advising them that their car was involved in a hit and run.

Wednesday, October 18

A student’s unattended wallet was stolen at the library on October, 16 2017. The report was filed October 18th.

A male student was threatened by a group of females, warning him that they would “beat the shit out of him” if they were to see him on campus again. The male student was involved in a romantic relationship with the group’s friend.

A female student reported that she was verbally harassed by another student during class the day before.

A male who was formerly banned from school was found in the Wifi Lounge, his information was logged and on record.

Thursday, October 19

A 50 year old male black subject was reportedly yelling at students to stay away from him, he was sitting east of the V-building. He was contacted and escorted off campus.

A 1995 white Toyota Camry was damaged in a hit and run that occurred in Lot 5, Level 2. There was damage to the front headlight.

Friday, October 20th

3 to 4 subjects were reportedly fighting on the southeast corner of Hill and Green.

Saturday, October 20

A male student was seen lighting trash on fire in the quad area. He was caught on video near the L-building. He was interview and escorted off campus.

Sunday, October 21

No activity was reported.


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