With fanny packs, overalls, bright neon skirts, and nostalgic music, the Queer Alliance club transported PCC students back in time from their regular college routine in order to experience another culture they may not be accustomed to.

PCC’s Queer Alliance (QA) club held their annual Big Gay Prom on Friday night in the Creveling Lounge. QA has held the Big Gay Prom for students for the past five years.

Preparations for the Big Gay Prom began at the beginning of the spring semester in order for volunteers helping to have enough time to get everything in order.

“Everyone who volunteers is in charge of something,” vice president of Queer Alliance Victor Tijerina said. “Someone is in charge of the photo booth, someone gets the DJ, someone gets the dance floors, and someone gets food.”

Students were able to line up with their friends and step in the photo booth. Students had the choice of props like fake glasses, small cutouts, masks, hats, and furry boas to wear for their photo strips which included four pictures. This years prom had a theme of the ‘90s, that is why the music and costume contest were centered around styles from that time.

“The photo booth reminded me so much of high school,” student Jennifer Garcia said. “I went to a small high school and we had a photo booth tent like this at every dance.”

As the night progressed students danced to the music ranging from the ‘90s and 2000s to Spanish Cumbias, which is a music genre popular in Latin America. Although the music was wide-ranging, students still reveled in the fun, nostalgic feeling it brought.

“Half of these songs are songs that I grew up listening to with my brothers and sister,” student attendee Karen Smith said. “I love the nostalgic feeling these songs give.”

The contest consisted of five contestants, from the five it was then narrowed down to the top three. The three contestants were then named winners of the three different categories.  

PCC student Jasmine Flores won the “Adviser Favorite” category. She rocked a bright orange fanny pack and a classic fishnet shirt.

“I looked up ‘90s shows like ‘Full House’ and ‘Even Stevens’,” Flores said when asked what her inspiration was for her costume. “The fanny pack was my first choice regardless, and a choker.”

Chris Minning won the “Closest to Theme” category with his bright orange track shirt looking like he just ran a marathon.

“I was going for the ‘90s health-craze look, spandex and all that,” Minning said.

Shannon Nilsen won the “Audience Favorite” category with her rainbow tutu and bright pink wig.

“I am the love child of pride from the ‘90s,” Nilsen said. “I went for the combo of rainbow, bright, and pride.”

Contestant and student Melanie Norem wore overalls and dressed up her two service dogs for the occasion.

“This is stuff I wore when I was a kid,” Norem said. “I’m a ‘90s baby so I thought it would be perfect.”

After the contest the three final winners were given their prize of a glass bottle full of sweet goodies.

“The turnout was very good this year, I’m very proud of how things turned out,” Tijerina said.

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