Jacob Ahumada is a music major who enjoys reading Haruki Murakami, Aldous Huxley, and is studying German to read Nietzsche in its original form. He loves playing Bach and was reading The Brothers Karamazov under…

Former teen mom triumphs through trials

By Emeline Beltran November 30, 2016 0

The moment she found out she was a soon-to-be mom at only 13 years old, Roseanne Rivera was convinced by her mother that her life was over. She was an honors student and cheerleader at…

Kaiser’s football playing dream cannot be stopped

By Kelly Rodriguez Murillo March 23, 2016 1

With shoulder-length, stallion-like blonde hair and a robust build, it is unimaginable to believe PCC offensive lineman Ben Kaiser was once battling cancer while still clinging onto his dream of playing football. (more…)