Fires and COVID are suffocating local businesses

Share: It was just another day during the 2nd worst pandemic in U.S. history on September 6th, 2020. People were still required to wear masks and social distance. Movie theaters and gyms in Los Angeles County were still closed. Restaurants still had to adhere to outdoor only dining. That same day, record heat temperatures were reached. In Woodland Hills, California the temperature reached as high as 121 degrees. Follow:

The causes of California’s deadliest wildfire are not surprising

Share: Three wildfires sprung in northern and southern California on Nov. 8, burning up to 240,000 acres of land and taking the lives of around 80 people. The Camp Fire, the most catastrophic of the three, and the Woolsey Fire are still ongoing and are projected to be contained in the upcoming weeks. The Hill Fire in Ventura County is now fully contained. Follow:

Global warming is here and it’s real

Share: Something Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico all have in common is the devastating destruction left by hurricanes that occurred in the last few months. Something Northern California and Southern California have in common are the hundreds of acres lost and burned to ashes because of the wildfires that broke out in the last few months. Something we as a country should have paid more attention to was the reason why Hurricane Sandy had such a massive impact back in 2012. A little under five …