Stacked Lancers football roster ready to tackle next season

PCC Football has been a bit of a circus in recent years. The cycle of bringing in a new coach every year with hype and player support only to have the team go under .500 and lose said coach for various suspicious reasons has plagued Pasadena City. When most recent hire Thomas Maher was put on administrative leave only weeks before the 2017 season, the cycle was looking like it was about to repeat itself.

Maher’s return as head coach comes with intent to heal wounds

Whether the football players like it or not, Thomas Maher is returning to PCC as the new football head coach, but he faces an uphill battle on and off the field. Maher will replace current head coach Thom Kaumeyer, who many players fought to keep last Wednesday at the Board of Trustees meeting. Maher coached at PCC from 1996-2004 before being fired and was brought back in 2005 as a receivers coach through the offseason and the first game of the season before being laid …