Lancer receivers get into a huddle after a friendly game against Fullerton at Pasadena City College on Saturday, August 27, 2016.

Following a 58-29 loss to Southwest College on Saturday, preseason football has now officially come to a close for the Lancers.

The loss to Southwest put the Lancers at 2-2 on the season, a record head coach Tom Maher is happy with.

“Our morale isn’t horrible,” Maher said. “If you told me in the summer we’d be 2-2, I’d go ‘I’m pretty good with that,’ because it’s very reasonable we’re 0-4.”

“You could not ask for more from where we came from. Here you were in June and you’re still trying to get coaches hired and just trying to figure everything out.”

PCC has already matched their two-win total for the 2015-16 season through four preseason games. The Lancers were 1-3 through four games last season, with their one win a forfeit by LA Harbor.

They’ve enjoyed success this season despite the majority of their team being made up of first-year players. In fact, the Lancers only have six sophomores on their roster, which Maher attributes to the football program’s lack of stability and “swagger.”

“This place has lost its swagger,” said Maher. “In the last decade, what? Five presidents, five deans, five athletic directors and seven or eight football coaches?

“The future here is bright, but it needs the stability. It needs to be the same for a while. Even if I was, you know, a senile old man at least I’d be the same senile old man.”

Stability was an issue with a number of players last season, especially at the head coaching position. After just one season, former head coach Thom Kaumeyer was let go despite strong opposition from the football players.

However, with a few months under his belt, Maher feels comfortable with his relationship with the team.

“If the coach is not a good communicator, good luck,” Maher said. “Having only six sophomores on the team, that happened because of coaching changes. There was no one watching over the kids.”

With tempered expectations for a young team, the Lancers hope to fight their way through the tough American Division Metro League.

“This isn’t a program you expect to win, this is a young program you hope will win,” Maher said.

The Lancers will open conference play against El Camino-Compton. Last year, the Lancers lost to ECC 31-23 in their preseason opener, but the two meet on much different circumstances this time around.

ECC has struggled early this season, losing four of four games played. Pasadena had as many points (21) in their win against Allan Hancock as El Camino has had all season.

Kickoff is at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1 at Robinson Stadium.


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