90s fashion trends revisited at Rose Bowl’s flea market

The streets of Pasadena were quiet and empty Sunday morning as it seems everyone was at this month’s renowned Rose Bowl Flea Market. Treasure hunters and bargain lover from all over Los Angeles flocked to the stadium despite the scorching hot weather. The market place opens its gates to buyers and sellers every second Sunday of the month and the event attracts people of all ages.

Tasteful fundraiser fills Rose Bowl bellies to benefit Union Station

Filling the field of the Rose Bowl Stadium on Sunday, thousands gathered for the inaugural Masters of Taste food and beverage festival, and not just to fill their bellies. The festival raised funds for the Union Station Homeless Services (USHS) in Pasadena in their largest effort to date. 100 percent of the proceeds are to go directly to the nonprofit.   @MastersofTaste w/ Monique #unionstatiohomelessservices #food A photo posted by Lorrie Gonzales (@lorriegonzales) on Apr 3, 2016 at 3:51pm PDT   A full day @masteroftaste …