5 Seconds of Summer release a summer bop

Due to the negative connotation of the phrase “boy band,” people seem to think that every all-male band goes on stage and performs choreographed dances to cringy pop songs. Breaking that misconception with a new single, “Easier,” is Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer who showcase a newfound edginess and maturity in their music that has never been seen before. The band, better known as 5SOS, started their career eight years ago and rose to tremendous fame in 2013 when they opened for One Direction …

Ariana Grande: Icon of the century

Billboard’s Women in Music is an annual event during which the publication recognizes women who have made substantial contributions in an otherwise male-dominated industry and ultimately bestows someone the title of “Woman of the Year.” This year, Billboard chose to give the award to popstar Ariana Grande, whose contributions to music and female empowerment, as well as her ability to remain poised throughout this past year, have without a doubt made her the most iconic face of 2018.

‘Delicate’ music video: ‘You must like me for me’

Taylor Swift is unfortunately all too familiar with the downside of entertainment media and its fantastic ability to make every little thing seem like the world’s biggest catastrophe. In her new video for her latest single, “Delicate,” Swift attempts to give her audience a glimpse of why she decided to hide under the limelight for this past year and what the new experience has been like for her.

America’s Got Talent Finalist Performs at the Pasadena Hilton

Taylor Matthews, the finalist of the talent competition America’s Got Talent, made his last hotel party tour appearance at the Hilton Pasadena on the night of January 24th. Opening for the singer/songwriter was Kyle Reynolds, an artist whom Matthews has been touring and collaborating with recently. The concert featured singles of off Matthews’ new and older albums, such as “Do What You Want To” and “Head Over Feeling.”