Egg Bowl at the Rose Bowl

Share: Instead of college football players scoring touchdowns at the Rose Bowl last Saturday afternoon, hundreds of jubilant children raced through the 10-acre fields in search of colorful, candy-filled eggs. The Spring Egg Bowl, which is hosted by Pasadena’s Human Services and Recreation Department in celebration of Easter holiday, has been going on yearly for ten years straight, but Saturday was the first time it took place at the Rose Bowl. “We don’t often get a chance for our families and kids to get the …

Religious Freedom Restoration Act the New Jim Crowe

Share: Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and the Freedom Fighters valiantly fought for the civil rights of African-Americans living in a society where racism and prejudice had deemed them second class citizens. Then, the nation deliberated over whether it was right and fair to deny service or give lower quality service to someone based on their skin color, a highly superficial characteristic. Now with the signing of the Religious Restoration Act in Indiana, the nation is drawn back to the same …

Freedom of Speech Not Entirely Absolute

Share: Although freedom of speech appears to be a straightforward and agreeable issue on the surface, it has been proven to be a great conundrum for both the government and private citizens. The most recent complication comes from the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SOCV), who wanted to finance and support a Texas license plate carrying a picture of the Confederate flag. The United States Supreme Court presided over the lawsuit last week in which the Texas SOCV sued for the right to display the flag. …

Women’s City Club of Pasadena Hosts March Into Fashion

Share: In a small, Prairie School style house just behind the Fuller Theological Seminary school, a group of women, mostly retired and of older age, got together for their monthly social, in which they enjoyed a gourmet lunch, were shown a fashion show orchestrated by Eileen Gerber, a traveling boutique owner, and listened to a speech delivered by motivational speaker Carol Guttman. Follow:

Ending Racism Does Not Begin With Closing SAE

Share: College fraternities and sororities are known for their rowdy behavior: stripping naked and running across campus in the dark, partying through the night, and even binge drinking. But does being outright racist cross the line? After the release of a video featuring the members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma engaging in a racist chant, outrage from both the white and black community surfaced, leading to the question of how school administrators and students can prevent racism on college …

Controversy Threatens to Sink Obamacare

Share: Every President of the United States has had some sort of legacy that marked their time in office. For Lincoln, it was the Emancipation Proclamation. For Roosevelt, there was the New Deal and victory in World War II. And for Kennedy, it was the country’s first space exploration. Will Obamacare be the legacy that defines the sitting president’s administration? The Supreme Court will make a decision this week with the King v. Burwell case. Follow:

Professor Nobles Hosts Seminar About Race

Share: Each year, Professor Jennifer Nobles hosts a seminar featuring a panel of successful African Americans for her Psychology of the African American class, as well as the general public. This year it was held on February 19th from 12 2 p.m. in Harbeson Hall. The talk centered on issues such as racial prejudice in the workforce, black stereotypes, and skin colorization and the standards of beauty. Follow: