Students and profs: Stop ghosting remote instruction

PCC has transitioned to remote instruction and not everyone was ready for it. From professors not being able to navigate Canvas, to students not having access to a computer, or having access to the internet at home. Those who do have access to computers and the internet are taking it for granted. Online instruction could work if professors and students didn’t treat it as a vacation. Remote instruction entails responsibility on both professors and students, and for many, class is beginning to feel optional. If …

Courier transitions into digital-only editions

The cupboard in PCC’s newsroom is filled with books that bind every print edition from 1949 until 2016. The library archives hold newspapers from before the 50s, back when the Courier was called the Chronicle for Pasadena High School. However, for the first time in 102 years, and onward, there will no longer be a book or any physical archive that binds every print edition of each respective school year. PCC’s independent student voice, the Courier, will now be an online-only publication.