Despite blowout victory, Lancers expect more from themselves

For the second time this season, the Lancers women’s soccer team blew away their opponent, East Los Angeles College, scoring 12 goals in the process, and finishing with a clean sheet. They scored the most goals for the team in over 23 years. Normally a team would have celebrated after it broke a record that stood for over two decades, but this team is still trying to find their way, and they’ve suffered some agonizing defeats the past four matchups.

Momentum carries women’s soccer into comeback victory

Momentum is an overused term in sports. A team either believes in it or they believe that good players make great plays to change the focus on the game. A touchdown from a deficit, a hot-hand in poker, a first set win in tennis. These are all examples of the “Momentum Effect”. A concept in sports that has no evidence but is undyingly understood. With a goal 30 minutes into the second quarter after trailing the opponent all game, the tide changed.