Momentum is an overused term in sports. A team either believes in it or they believe that good players make great plays to change the focus on the game. A touchdown from a deficit, a hot-hand in poker, a first set win in tennis. These are all examples of the “Momentum Effect”. A concept in sports that has no evidence but is undyingly understood. With a goal 30 minutes into the second quarter after trailing the opponent all game, the tide changed. 

“I think we started a little nervous, but the comeback was great,” said sophomore defender  Jaquline Gonzalez. “It feels good to win.” 

PCCs women’s soccer team made a comeback on a last minute goal by freshman defender Angie Alvarado, making this their second win in a row.

“I think it was really good,” said Gonzalez. “We wanted another one. We were hungrier going after that goal.”

The game started pretty slow with a little aggression from Norco College Mustangs, with the Norco coach Drew Rea yelling to aggressively push his players to sit near the goal line, colloquially known as parking the bus. The Lancers held their ground with great defence and goalkeeping. The team had a total of six saves out of the seven shot-on-goals by the Mustangs. 

The Mustangs were the first to score a goal. Norco forward Daysha Adams pierced through the defence and slipped through the goalie with a slight tap of the ball to a goal. The Lancers had been in this position before, 0-1 in the first half tailing their opponents for the rest of the game leading to no reward, but today was different. 

“What I’m most proud of about this win is that it’s the first time coming back from being down,” head coach Terryn Soelberg. “I am glad that they are able to know that they are able to do that, and have that confidence that even if they go down early we can come back. “

With shot attempts on free that hit the crossbar, corner kicks that are slightly off, the team was tasting that sweet goal. 

Finally, a PCC corner kick resulted in a scramble near the Norco goal. Midfielder Juanita Diaz and midfielder/forward Olivia Aguilar made a play on a loose ball. It created an opening shot on goal that changed the whole momentum of the game. 

The momentum of the game changed, no less than 10 minutes later because PCC scored again. With an assist from Juanita Diaz to Angie Alvarado, they sealed the game. A last-minute-goal-come-back is no easy task, with their game changing momentum that won the game today. PCC is now riding a two game win streak. 

Lancers will be playing another home game this Friday, September 24, at Robinson Stadium. With a 2-1 standing on home court. Will they be an added data in the sports rooted belief of the “momentum Effect” or just lose the heat. 

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